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Of Biafra And Drum Of War

By Samuel O. Adeyemi, Lagos 

On January 2, 2017, I spoke with a middle-aged woman who spent months in the bush during the Biafra War. 

She had tales of horror to tell which many of the social media generation can't imagine. 

With tears in her 'heart', she told me of how she stood helplessly as her grandmother was burnt alive by the Nigerian Army when the latter invaded her village. 

This woman spent four months in the bush. She ate raw cassava. She ate lizards, rats - just about anything she could find to survive. 

After the war, she trekked for five days back to her village.

On her thoughts about those spoiling for another war, she said: ''Anyone who went through the trauma of the war won't wish for another war. I pray that Nigeria doesn't go through another war. War is a no-go area.'' 

I hope my generation, who has not experienced any major war - except of course for frequent squabbling on Facebook and Twitter - will know that calling Nigeria a zoo or declaring a quit notice is another route to Golgotha!

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