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The Widespread Tension In APGA, Let The Media Become Instrument Of Peace

From Comr Harris Chuma, Awka 

The APGA has been the dominant party in all of Anambra's  general elections. The margin of votes has always been disproportionate, with opposition parties far distant and smaller parties at the fringes.

For all intents and purposes, Anambra is almost a single-party state, although the principle of the supremacy of the Constitution empowers opposition parties to hold the APGA accountable.

No doubt, the electoral fortunes of the  party APGA is fashioned around Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu’s legacy.  

The  competitive edge comes from the fact that Ojukwu is an integral part of its political capital. 

Coupled with its credentials as an Igbo liberation movement, and the extent to which it has developed the state as a governing party since it came into power in Anambra some 14years ago. 

APGA’s electoral hegemony has largely been sustained by its political capital. This is where its strength lies.

The opposition parties in Anambra know this, which is why they have tried to use their electoral strategies to snatch away the APGA’s political capital to no avial.

Like any investment, political capital is not infinite. The PDP and APC have been buoyed by the electoral outcome of the 2019 general election, in which support for the APGA dropped by an average of 60 percentage points in many of the LGAs. 

In the National Assembly elections, the new kid on the block YPP defeated APGA in Anambra South Senatorial District, also, PDP defeated the APGA in Anambra Central and Anambra North Senatorial polls, respectively. 

Since the conclusion of 2019 general elections where APGA performed below expectations, there is a general feeling that the leadership of the party failed to harness the political capital available to its disposal.

Keen observers, had fingered the political crisis emanating from the party's last primary elections as the main cause of the APGA poor outing during the nation's general elections, especially in South East the supposedly stronghold of the party. 

The questionable, yet unresolved crisis witnessed at the party's primaries contributed in no small measures in robbing the party's electoral fortunes. 

Consequently, the terrible aftermath of the party primaries had set internal wrangling threatening to destroy the huge political capital the APGA had enjoyed in Anambra state over the years. 

Presently, there seems to be an uneasy calm in the cadre of low and mighty within the party,  notable political big wigs in the APGA are dagger drawn, while palpable fear has enveloped the space.  

One of the oldest  member and former law maker Senator Victor Umeh is believed to be  leading the fight to unseat the national chairman of APGA Ozonkpu Victor Oye who had been accused of corruption and gross abuse of office, cum brazen rape of the party's electoral system, as it were. 

The embattled national chairman who was recently elected for another 4year term is not on siesta either as he had mobilised supporters within and outside the state to ensure the rampaging  political war veteran Umeh did not pull the rug off his feet. 

Both parties are in the media for good and bad reasons. 

What has become worrisome in the whole saga and prevailing situation is the disturbing roles of some prominent members of the Anambra online media  community in the  political unrest, currently, dragging the ruling APGA to the slaughter slab. 

The Victor Oye's media aides are hellbent on rubbishing and destroying Umeh's reputation,  political achievements and future engagement, while Umeh's media handlers are on defense.  

The political roforofo between the top APGA leaders had also witnessed street protests, with some youths loyal to Oye on a roadshow in support of their master's continuity in office as national chairman. 

And the social media is daily agog with the lingering personality clash between once two good friends. 

I wish to call on the media handlers of both parties to refrain from further maligning the names of these great men no matter what has happened, the media trial should cease, name calling, reigning of insults, diatribes, blackmails, and capricious propaganda should cease. 

Let there be a total cease fire in the ongoing media war between Umeh and Oye. 

Now, I wish to call on Ozonkpu Victor Oye and Senator Victor Umeh to call their media handlers to order. Enough is enough. 

Elders must play their divine roles lest the youths will go astray. We must learn to respect our elders and give honor to whom its due. 

I wish to state here that the failure or inability to caution and call your online media handlers to order will invariably whittle down the enormous good will both of you are enjoying on Anambra cyber space.

So that we may recall, one unique thing going for Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is his ability to control his media and put them under constant check. 

This was convincingly demonstrated during his political bout with Lady Bianca Ojukwu.  Ubah issued a press statement calling on his media and followers to thread with caution, and sanity was maintained to an appreciable level.  During the period in question, I personally, wrote an open latter  to Ubah where I sincerely advised that he should call his media to order, and as a responsible and responsive leader,  he quickly swung into action and did the needful.

Ozonkpu Victor Oye and Senator Victor Umeh should tow same lane before it is too late, call your media handlers to order. 

Time to act is now,   APGA should cease to be in the news for the wrong reasons. Let the media become the instrument of peace we seek in our darling party APGA.

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