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Revolution Struggle: Protests, Agitations, Placard-carryings Legitimate Means Of Expressing Grievances Under Democracy – MONDAY UBANI


Who does not really know SOWORE  except my old grandmother in the village. 

He is as popular as President Buhari except that he is not in charge of Nigeria. (You have a right to disagree please) 

He tried to, but lost the battle just few months ago. He is protesting against the present government. 

This is not the first government he has confronted and fought with  including the military government  of Abacha and Babangida  

He is a veteran of such fights except that this time around he calls it REVOLUTION.

For calling for Revolution, the Security Agency, DSS to be precise has arrested him and kept him  away from leading the "Revolutionary Struggle" tomorrow the 5th of August, 2019. 

Learnt that they have whisked him away to Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria.


Protests, agitations, placard-carryings  are legitimate means of expressing grievances under democracy,   it is allowed and guaranteed by the 1999 constitution as Amended. 

Sowore and supporters are planning to protest tomorrow against some of their perceived failings in governance of this present government and they called the agitation "Revolution'. 

The government is unease with that word, it means change of Governnent and system. 

When successful, it sweeps away the government in place. 

We need a little education here, for crime to be said to have been committed, "intention"(mens rea) alone is not sufficient, the "act"(actus reus) is very important to complete the criminal process.

However the government was pre-emptive and therefore arrested Sowore who fears no evil, infact he was expecting it. 

The arrest has been condemned by the human right community, including my humble self. 


The government is advised to charge Sowore to court immediately if he is found to have committed any crime against the laws of the country in this his call and plan for REVOLUTION. 

Treason is a serious offence against the State and I am sure Sowore knows that, and is aware that if he fails to successfully overthrow a government in power there are consequences. 
To plan for a coup that fails is a serious treasonable offence really. 

Therefore, I hereby advise the DSS to charge Sowore to court for any offence, if any he is alleged to have committed. 

The 1999 constitution allows maximum period of 48 hours within which to charge an accused person to court unless there is a court order to the contrary. 

If there is any court order extending his detention with the DSS, the court order if obtained ex parte should be SERVED ON SOWORE IMMEDIATELY for him to take step/s.

HOWEVER, if the government fails, refuses and/or neglects to CHARGE SOWORE TO COURT TOMORROW being the 5th of August, 2019, the legal team of Sowore  is advised to COMMENCE THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT PROCEEDINGS IMMEDIATELY against the government  FOR THE FREEDOM OF SOWORE. 

That is how democracy government works. Both the government and the governed are not above the LAW. The LAW IS SUPREME! 

A word is enough for the WISE.


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