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Jesus Not A Christian Or Muslim, But God Used Him To Save Humanity - BISHOP SAM ZUGA

Bishop Sam Zuga of the House of Joy ministry was recently sharing the word of God with his members and then asked a big question of either being a Christian or Muslim and God still using you.

The Bishop gave a lot of examples in the Bible of people who were either Christians or Muslims and God still using them.

Bishop Sam Zuga ended the sermon by saying to his memebers in the Church, "WHO SENT YOU"


Noah was not a Christian or Muslim, but God used him to preserve humanity.

Abraham was not a Christian or Muslim, yet God made him the father of all believers.

Moses was not a Christian or Muslim, God used him to bring Israel out of Egypt.

Joshua was not a Christian or Muslim, he detained the sun for 24 hours.

David was not a Christian or Muslim, God called him a Man after His heart.

Elijah was not a Christian or Muslim, God took him to heaven alive.

Solomon was not a Christian or Muslim, God made him the richest and the wisest Man that ever lived.

Jesus was not a Christian or Muslim, God used him to save humanity.

Bishop Sam Zuga 

Peter and other Desciples were not Christians or Muslims but Jesus walked with them throughout His days of assignment or Earth

Paul was not a Christian or Muslim, he wrote almost half of New Testament.

The name Christians was given to believers in Christ as an insult or mockery by unbelievers, long after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ at Antioch.

You made yourselves Christians and Muslims and are using it to hate yourselves, kill yourselves, imprison yourselves, unleash terror on yourselves to the amazement of the God you are claiming to defend, protect or worship.

The purpose of God creating Man was not to take him to heaven but to have Dominion on Earth. Live happily, successfully and peacefully on Earth while he acknowledge God as his creator but relate with Him as friends.

Keep hating and killing yourselves in the name of religion, you will end up losing God and the heaven you are claiming to bribe God for, by killing who you assumed is not worshipping God in the right way.

The question is; WHO SENT YOU?

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