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(OPINION) Fayose: One Year After…



OKEMESI EKITI, EKITI STATE, NIGERIA - Today, it is exactly ONE YEAR that I left the Ekiti State Govt House with my BOSS, Ayodele Fayose, the Osokomole Ekun Obarisa.

I remember the atmosphere at the Ekiti Govt House then. I remember the feelings of the majority of the people of Ado Ekiti, the State Capital, then.

Most importantly, I remember the fear of the unknown and the anxiety that enveloped the minds of a lot of people as we moved to the Akure Airport one year ago.

As at that October 14, 2018, many who professed absolute loyalty to Osokomole had moved to the other side.

I still remember those thoughts from our friends in the APC and those who were desirous of assuming the leadership of Ekiti PDP.

“Ewon ni Fayose nlo straight (Fayose is going to jail straight).”

"With all that he said against President Buhari, he will be given DASUKI TREATMENT. 

"He will go and join Dasuki in detention never to be released forever.”

Some said of me, LERE Omo OLAYINKA then that; “Se e ri Lere yen, oun ati Oga e lo jo maa s’ewon (See that Lere, he will go to jail with his boss).”

Today is October 14, 2019, one year after we left Ekiti State Govt House, Ayo Fayose is in his house in Lagos.

Even the EFCC that was roaring like a lion then, has now become so gentle that it was the one seeking transfer of Fayose’s case to another judge after calling 13 out of the 15 witnesses it listed.

The same EFCC that went on Twitter to celebrate the defeat of PDP in the Ekiti governorship election and announced its readiness to prosecute Fayose in its infamous “The parri is over, the cloak of immunity torn apart, and the staff broken” tweet of July 15, 2018, suddenly became uncomfortable with a judge before whom it had called 13 out of 15 witnesses – Kabiyesi Olorun!

Lere Olayinka that they boasted will go to jail with his boss is moving higher, exploring new opportunities and extending his frontiers even beyond Nigeria.

To me, it can ONLY BE GOD, the ABLE GOD!

But you that you were among those boasting that Ayo Fayose will rot in jail, what has changed in your life?

You that you were among those who ranted up and down that Lere Olayinka will join his boss in jail, have you now built a new house and buy new cars under the APC govt?

You that you joined in the betrayal of Ayo Fayose despite the little he did for you, your betrayal is now one year, what have you gained? What has changed in your life?

One year is gone. The remaining three years will go too and power will change hands again in Ekiti.

Like I am asking now, by that time too, I will ask the betrayals among us; have you built your 10 storey building? Have you bought those big cars you were unable to buy under fayose? 

Are you now a billionaire? Have you now become governor that you claimed Fayose did not let you be?

As for me, Olalere Adisa Omo Olayinka-Tenibiaje, and my unrepentant followers (the NMT guys), We Stand With Ayo Fayose and from the deepest part of my heart today, I say; GOD BLESS AYO FAYOSE.

Those who wait for his fall will wait in vain and those digging pits for him will fall into the pits by themselves.

I am Lere Olayinka, unapologetically FAYOSE BOY, an ardent follower of OSOKOMOLE.

With God;
We Keep Rolling!
We Keep Flexing!!
We Keep Moving!!!

Lere Olayinka
1, Irunmale Avenue,
Oke Agbonna,
Okemesi Ekiti

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