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A Birthday Toast To A Colleague And Mentee



LAGOS STATE,  NIGERIA - TESSY sad I hardly remember birthdays  these days. 

Even those of family and loved ones. 

But thank God you had a reason to call today. 

And lo reminded me of what I needed no reminder. 

That’s what the buoyant economy has wrought. 

Or, one of the ways to know one is getting older.

Though age is not written on tablet. 

I know Tessy enough to bless God for your life. 

You may not know John G. Hibben of America
Former president of Princeton University. 

But by God’s endowment you’ve lived his words on marble -
‘Education is the ability to meet life’s situations.’

To everyone who knows Tessy, this needs no expatiation. 

Your modest attainments so far equally confirm
The words of a great philosopher Herbert Spencer -
‘The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.’

Action is the greatest enemy of procrastination. 

The graveyard of good intentions. 

As always the case with the Back Room men of Journalism. 

We meet people more through bylines than in person. 

So don’t expect me to recall exactly when our paths crossed. 

Suffice to say it was at News Express Nigeria. 

From the first encounter you made an impression of note. 

Unlike most young ladies  of your age in the media –
Your warmth and humility stood you apace. 

You asked questions of things not clear. 

And carried out assignments with great commitment. 

You were focused and courted self-improvement with passion. 

Above all, you show a good grasp of appreciation. 

Not in the Nigerian sense but again, as captured by William James –
‘The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.’

As you ascend the steps of life. 

May these virtues never grow less in your life. 


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