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Proposed Social Media Bill, A Threat To Human Rights - SENATOR SHEHU SANI


ABUJA, NIGERIA - The proposed social media bill will no doubt constitute a threat to human rights in Nigeria. 

This position was made public on Wednesday (today) by former Senator Shehu Sani who had represented Kaduna Central Senatorial District in the 8th National Assembly. 

Former Senator Shehu Sani particularly argued that the social media bill in the upper legislative chamber of the National Assembly is a threat to the fundamental rights of Nigerians.

According to Senator Shehu Sani: “The Bill on the regulation of social media poses a serious threat and danger to freedom of speech and expression.

“The quest to regulate social media is a grand plan to silence critics and dissenting voices.

“Combating hate speech is a smokescreen to annihilate free speech.

“Any law aimed at limiting the rights and freedoms of citizens to express their views is aimed at building a tower of tyranny.

“It’s ironic that a government that came to power on the promise of protecting the fundamental rights of Nigerians is now reneging and sliding towards totalitarianism.

“Silencing dissent endangers democracy.

"President Buhari, who was once a victim of abuse of power must be conscious of his place in history and legacies on human rights and the rule of law.

“Disobedience of court orders demonises a country and criminalises a government.

“Nigeria’s democracy is threatened by the authoritarian tendencies of the people in power.”

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