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(OPINION) A Combative Presidency And Her Garrulous Spokespersons


By ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia CNN

ABUJA, NIGERIA - As a young boy I was taught by my late Dad, that elders are expected to be peaceful, logical and endearing rather than combative. 

That quarrelsome and meddlesome elders are uncouth and uncivilized. 

And that an elder must not reply all darts and insults, if one must stave off the opening of an odoriferous can of worms. 

However the Buhari Presidency and her image managers are lacking in this elementary public relations etiquette.

Today, the greatest threat to national peace and brotherhood comes from Aso Rock rather than the streets. 

It is Aso Rock that divided Nigerians into WAILERS and HAILERS, no thanks to Femi Adesina. 

It is Aso Rock that introduced the HATER/LOVER dichotomy in our sociopolitical lexicon, no thanks to the Buhari Media Organization. 

And it is Aso Rock that has deepened the mistrust and dislike of the present administration. 

Who trusts/loves a man/woman who lies over all and every subject?

They have disowned and lied over RESTRUCTURING, a normative enshrined in their Party manifesto, and they want a people deceived and hoodwinked to applaud them. 

Who does that? And when you query and question their hypocrisy, they call you names, they become jittery and combative, as their garrulous spokespersons hatch and tell more lies.

Whilst the reckless and uncouth DSS was Nicodemuously apologizing to the Judiciary for invading and desecrating the hallowed chambers of the Federal High Court, Garba Shehu and Femi Adesina were validating the odious action of the Secret Police, and shamelessly giving life to a Press Statement that the DSS through a 'we are sorry visit to the Judiciary' had repudiated. Must they talk?

What is wrong with the protest by Punch Newspapers against a Presidency that is increasingly strangling, strangulating, suffocating and stifling the frontiers of free speech and free press? 

Rather than advising a combative Presidency to mellow, like two teenagers struggling to outperform each other, the increasingly garrulous Garba Shehu and Femi Adesina are running riot with funny commentaries against Punch, as the Combative Presidency recruits the EFCC its howling, barking and attack dog against opposition elements and critics of government, seeking in the present instance to label and brand Punch Newspapers as a corrupt press that benefitted from the Dasuki heist. Na Today!!!

The many state sponsored press, writings and propaganda against Omoyele Sowore and several detainees of the present regime gives vent to Punch Newspapers' apprehension that we are perhaps back to the dark days of Major General Mohammadu Buhari's regime, and that 1984 is finally here. Who do you blame?

This combative Presidency is making a hero out of everyone detained by it against the Order of Court. 

You hate this truth because you hate the truth. In a democracy, freedoms and rights are not to be toiled with, you must not like me to obey the Courts, and you must not like me before you respect the provisions of the law regarding my person. 

Who will teach the present watch that longsuffering, pragmatism and a proactive engagement of the opposition is more apposite than the false propaganda of garrulous spokespersons, and better than the combative posturing of State institutions and her security apparatus.

I wish that the supporters of the regime that bandies the word HATE, and an administration that enjoys labelling those who disagree with it and the unfolding dictatorship it epitomizes, as HATERS, will learn.

We do not HATE Buhari, we only LOVE Nigeria more, and we want a  just, equitable and fair Country for all. That is why RESTRUCTURING is and will remain an undying call and mantra. 

That is why we will not be quiet in the face of the most nepotistic administration in our nation's history. 

And that is why we shall continue to lampoon and repudiate this government for elevating cronyism, favouritism, ethnicity and nepotism to benumbing, bewildering and befuddling heights.

I grudge the Presidency for dilly dallying and delaying on doing the needful ditto walking the path that must engender national peace, brotherhood, reconciliation, oneness and trust. And my tiff with her garrulous spokespersons is the penchant for branding those who disagree with government as HATERS, LOVERS OF CORRUPTION and WAILERS. 

Indeed the present government is the greatest opposition to itself, it courts enemies and distrust like a Child craves chocolate. 

And it deepens the chasm of mistrust through her many spontaneous rather than well thought out policy programmatic.

I pray that the Presidency and her garrulous spokespersons will learn a thing or two from my opening paragraph. 

And I pray that before things get awry, this government will chose NATIONAL PEACE AND RECONCILIATION over combative protocols. Truth over falsehood. 

And the RESTRUCTURING of this dysfunctional enterprise over the delusional refrain of partisans that Nigeria as presently composed can work, as nothing can be farther away from truth.

ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia CNN.


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