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Sowore: As The DSS Plots To Destabilise Nigeria, Ogomudia On My Mind

ABUJA, NIGERIA - I have decided to marry three interrelated issues in one fell swoop. And the urgency of this is profound.

A few days ago speaking at a function in Warri, a Former Defence Chief,  General Alexander Ogomudia Rtd. warned that the nation is heading precariously towards the precipice should the operators of the Nigerian State undermine any longer the inevitability of RESTRUCTURING. 

The former Defence Chief unequivocally argued that justice, equity and fairness can only be served when this estate is restructured, and that to continue to run Nigeria as presently composed and constituted is to court violence, anarchy and crises.

The Government as always rose in defense of its unwillingness to address the urgent call for restructuring. 

They lampooned and insulted Gen. Ogomudia as they have done to all the critical voices under the present watch.

Curiously the DSS a few days ago informed the public that there is an organized plan to destabilize Nigeria, however they didn't tell us those who want to burn down Nigeria.

Hard as I tried to look the other way, the events of the past 48hours torpedoed my resolve. 

I could not but wonder how deep a chisel Television Continental TVC the defacto Mouthpiece of the Buhari administration drove into me with their dispassionate reportage of the infamy that took place at the Federal High Court in Abuja ditto the desecration of Justice Ojukwu's Court by armed agents of the DSS. 

I pray and hope that the Judiciary Reporter who compiled the report doesn't lose her job, she described the destabilization of the Judiciary by the DSS in the firmest and truest words, and added the rider, 'I have never seen such desecration of the Judiciary in my years of reporting the Judiciary'.

Since the present watch, there is a zealotry of the DSS that undermines the tenets of democracy, if they are not raiding and breaking into the homes of judicial officers, they are invading media houses, if they are not disobeying Court Orders they are detaining persons against the Orders of Court, if they are not overrunning the National Assembly they are ambushing and rearresting persons admitted to bail by the Court without recourse to due process. Indeed impunity and lawlessness holds sway.

I will come back to the inevitability of restructuring as the solution to the many troubles with Nigeria, in my conclusion, but permit me to say that Sowore, Bakare aka Mandate, Jalingo Agba and the many others wrongfully detained across the Country for insisting on the right to protest, for deploying their Constitutional right to dissent and to free speech, and for criticizing the present watch, are indeed those who wish Nigeria well. And that those strangulating and narrowing down the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution are those destabilizing and troubling our collective peace.

May I say without an ounce of equivocation that the DSS, the Buhari Administration and the National Assembly appear clearly in cahoots in entrenching antidemocratic protocols in ways never before seen in this clime. 

If they are not keeping Nigerians in detention against the Order of Court, they are arm twisting the Courts into declaring otherwise peaceful organizations as Terrorist groups whilst nepotistically petting the Armed ones. 

If they are not plotting a Hate Speech Legislation, they are orchestrating a Social Media Control Law. 

And if they are not imposing more taxes they are arbitrarily closing the Nigerian border. 

This Government is the agent provocateur, this government and her agents are the greatest threat to national peace and brotherhood. 

And clearly, destabilizing Nigeria has become the business of the present watch.

What else would be the logical deduction when confronted with the Government's reaction to Ogomudia's speech on the trouble with Nigeria and the need for restructuring? What has Sowore done to excuse, permit and or validate the desecration of the Judiciary, and the Gestapo manner of his rearrest? Why has the APC and Mr President refused to give force to the promise of restructuring provided for in the APC manifesto? And why are the leaders of the APC playing the Ostrich with the fate and destiny of this Country?

I learnt that a few weeks ago, the Government sent emissaries to Sowore with the intent to talk him out of protest, wise Sowore knows that Nigeria is an enterprise in protest against the rampaging profiteers that call themselves 'leaders'. He perhaps refused to buckle. 

And so he must be dealt with. But how many people can they subdue? Why can't this government subdue dissent and protest with good governance, why?

Let me say as I move to my conclusion, that I am completely on the side of the oppressed, the detained and the tyrannized citizens whose struggle and call is for responsible and responsive leadership.

I'm on all fours with Gen. Ogomudia, and nothing is truer than reminding the custodians of the present watch, their Vuvuzelas and partisan obscurantists, that the longer we delay restructuring the dysfunctional enterprise called Nigeria, the quicker the kamikaze pull to Golgotha.

To the DSS, their hood wearing agents, and to their fellow travellers on the path of infamy, I offer this lecture on crisis management, peaceful resolution of conflict, and national reconciliation. 

You cannot on the one hand be provoking national crises and breakdown of law and order, and on the other be hunting down the innocent. Who does that?

This nation must understand that the time is running out on the hypocrisy that promises growth without industry. Nigeria cannot exit the present negative economic bend until States/Regions are modelled to control their resources and grow competitively and comparatively. 

Restructuring is the way to go.

This enterprise cannot afford the luxury of the Federal Government spoon feeding the States, no, you cannot truly canvass a prosperous Nigeria, whilst defending the present structural aberration. 

The time to make resource control and fiscal federalism the bulwark of the Nigerian Federalism is now.

And the infrastructural deficit that defines the present estate cannot be attended until this Leviathan and Behemoth called the Federal Government is unbundled. No nation can succeed with a Federal Government that controls just about everything, from Healthcare to Education, from Roads to Electricity, from Ports to Mineral Resources, from Agriculture to Water Resources, and the list goes on ad nauseum ad infinitum, indeed as presently composed Nigeria is a wreck in process, and a disaster waiting to happen.

We must frankly congregate around the issues that confront Nigeria and aggregate frank surgical solutions rather than indulging the propaganda that sees politics is every dissent. 

And we must rise above the Hailer/Wailer and the Hater/Lover narrative, and put Country first, else the dark night of despair and despondency that liter the Nigerian space bludgeons into utter conflict and crisis.

Finally, I must reiterate for the umpteenth time that what this Country needs is the commitment of Leadership to grapple with the challenge of nationhood, and not chasing after or maligning those who disagree with government. 

This nation must walk the path of National Peace and Reconciliation, and this I have enunciated in many of my writings. 

And lastly, government should release all perceived enemies and opponents, that way the template for a new awakening and a pan Nigerian Renaissance would have been laid. 

I hope they listen. May God Bless Nigeria.

ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia CNN.


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