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Judges, Legislators Are True Enemies Of Nigeria - PASTOR TUNDE BAKARE


IKEJA, LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA - The true enemies of Nigeria are Judges who pervert justice and auction judgement to the highest bidder.

This declaration was made on Sunday (today) by the Senior Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly,  Tunde Bakare who added that legislators who rob the nation under the guise of constituency projects and those who use state machinery against hapless citizens were parts of the problem.

Speaking during his address on the state of the nation broadcast with the theme: “Unveiling the true enemies of Nigeria”, Pastor Tunde Bakare insisted that the nation’s true enemies are found at the local, state and federal levels.

Pastor Tunde Bakare said: ”At the local level of government, the true enemies of our nation are those agents of oppression who place excruciating multiple tax burdens on often defenceless Nigerians like the petty traders, okada riders, bricklayers, pepper grinders, carpenters etc.

“At the state level, the true enemies of Nigeria are those state governments that feed fat on unaccounted-for security votes; those who deploy the paraphernalia of office in their selfish interests rather than in the service of the people.

“At the zonal level, the enemies of Nigeria are those who have perverted their influence and turned the states within their zones of influence into personal estates.

"They are the political puppeteers who rig the system to enthrone their stooges and use them to corner resources and opportunities.

“At the Federal level, the true enemies of Nigeria are in every arm of government. In the judiciary, they are judges who pervert justice and auction judgements to the highest bidder.

”I believe it is no coincidence that President Muhammadu Buhari has the privilege of presiding over the nation at the turn of the decade, one hundred years from the rise of Nigerian nationalism.

“I believe a rare opportunity has been thrust upon his shoulders to make history in the service of the fatherland. 

"The president must take the lead in building a legacy that will facilitate the emergence of the Nigeria of our dreams.”

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