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US Army, Pentagon Are Terrorist Entities - IRAN

IRAN - The United States (US) Army and the Pentagon are now terrorist entities. 

The decision to tag the US Army and the Pentagon as terrorist entities came as the Iranian Parliament unanimously on Tuesday, arrived at the decision. 

The decision is coming in the wake of the killing of Iranian Quds Force commander, Qasem Soleimani. 

With this decision taken at an open parliament session, the Iranian government is now obliged to allocate 200 million euros ($224 million) from the National Development Fund for the elite Quds Force.

It would be recalled that a US drone strike in Iraq had killed Soleimani in an operation ordered by U.S. President, Donald Trump, who had claimed that the top Iranian general was a “murderer” and terrorist who plotted attacks on Americans.

But the Iranian leadership had promised that Soleimani’s death will not go unavenged.

This further prompted President Donald Trump to issue a threat that the US would strike more than 50 Iranian targets, including cultural sites, should Iran retaliate.

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