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Coronavirus Dead, Buried Forever - SAT GURU MAHARAJI

LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA - “Why I am here today is to bury coronavirus. It is dead and buried forever. 

"Tell everyone not to panic any more. Tell the government not to panic anymore.”

The above was the disposition of the spiritual leader of One Love Family, aka The Nucleus, Sat Guru  Maharaji, who insisted that the pandemic, which had orchestrated apprehension round the world, has been buried.

Speaking in Lagos on March 21, 2020, on the occasion of a Divine Public Lecture organized by the One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaji suggested that the reason coronavirus was able to permeate into the environment was because of lack of knowledge which he has consistently offered the world, adding that if citizens key into his knowledge of light, they would be freed from all diseases, ailments, poverty and barriers.

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