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As The LOCKDOWN Eases From The 4th of May, What Drugs Or Cocktail 'Might Help'?


Largely the world is coming to terms with the enormity of the challenge that we face as humankind ala the Covid19 scourge. 

Indeed there is before us a twin demon, the one is the disease called Covid19, and the other is as impish if not worse than the first, Hunger/Recession/Job loss. Our planet is clearly troubled, but as we hurry to open up the economy we must boldly put before the people what drugs or cocktail 'might help'. 

Since people are recovering from Covid19, what drugs or cocktail does the magic? What are they treated with? And what have they been taking?

As we navigate the tenuous contours caved on time by the two demons that ravage our space. 

We must admit that there are drugs and or cocktail that have shown some potency against Covid19. 

We are also aware that some Countries are yet to record any Covid19 related death. 

What are they doing, and or what have they done to render the ogre impotent?

With the confirmed cases of Covid19 on the increase in Nigeria, and the stipulated easing of the Lockdown particularly in Lagos, Ogun and the FCT so people do not die of hunger, have we inadvertently elected death from the disease?

Social distancing (how possible), hand washing with soap and running water (where is the soap and the water), use of Sanitizers (where is the money for Sanitizer), and use of Facemask (where is the money for facemask, and where are the ones they promised to give to the people for free)? 

The gospel of hygiene is smooth, sweet and savvy but realistically impossible for more than 70% of our people for reasons clearly stated in the brackets supra. 

So what must we do now that we must ease the lockdown?

The Federal Government, Nigeria Centre For Disease Control NCDC, State Governments and all the agencies involved in the fight against Covid19 must come open on three fronts. 

The first is with the huge donations and funds meant for test kits, treatment and palliatives, where are the monies and who are the recipients? 

The second is the secrecy regarding the treatment of the over 300 recoveries so far announced. 

Why aren't they telling us what they are being treated with, particularly now that Lagos State is running out of bed space for new cases? And the third relates to the sudden silence of Prof Maurice Iwu and the many researchers who informed us that they have drugs and cocktail that 'might help', have they been silenced and or compromised by the Bill and Melinda Gates funded Nigeria Centre For Disease Control NCDC?

May I digress a little, have you wondered why the big businesses and the Banks that donated huge funds to fight Covid19 are already sacking staff? Like everything in this clime hypocrisy and egotism defines the average Nigerian. Why will a Bank that donated 1billion or more to the Covid19 fund sack workers? Why are the Banks that are declaring profit even in this perilous times sacking staff? 

And do not be deceived the so-called donations come with tax rebate, so in actuality they are lending the funds to government. If you know you know.

We are not deceived, evidently the government and the big businesses 'do not really care about us' that is why they are more interested in easing the lockdown than telling us about the drugs and or cocktails that 'might help'. Please be careful as you go about your hustle, the times are indeed perilous.

Every nation that is easing the Covid19 induced lockdown is putting before her citizens protocols other than the hygiene regimen. They are recommending drugs and or cocktail that 'might help'. What is Nigeria recommending to her citizens?

Have you tried the Facemask? Wear it for 3hours and see how you feel? See how many times you touch your nose, eyes and mouth in either trying to breath well or talk. 

Is government really bothered like I am about the danger lurking around? 

As they ease the lockdown gradually may they please come through with preventive drugs and or cocktail that 'might help' as anything to the contrary will turn Nigeria into Covid19 slaughter slab.

Finally like Senegal did, if we are unable to recommend our home grown cocktails for the prevention and or cure of Covid19, we can ask Madagascar for supplies, that's what Senegal has done. 

As we fight hunger we must also fight the disease and vice versa.

Please, please and please do not ease the lockdown without telling us the drugs and or cocktail that 'might help'. God Bless Nigeria.

Chukwudumebi Nkemcho NWAOKOBIA CNN.

FKA Chris Mustapha NWAOKOBIA Jnr. CMN Jnr.


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