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There Must Be A Difference Once We Touch Your Face - HADASSAH MAKE-UP PROFESSIONAL BOSS


Mojisola Agbaje, is the brain behind Hadassah Make-up Professional. In this exclusive interview with FRANCIS IWUCHUKWU, she insists that make-up has no doubt impacted positively, the economy of Nigeria. 


Stepping in, one thing that is very glaring is the display of make-up items. Can you avail the public of what is happening?

It is the launch of our new make-up line. We have been able to come up with some make up products basically, and they are just to bring beauty close to every woman out there. We have products like beauty blenders, eye shadow brush, powder brush amongst others. They are products that every woman can use and not strictly for make-up artist alone. 

Why Hadassah Make-up Professional? 

Basically, make-up has been what I have been doing way back from my university days and then we tried getting a name and we had to dive into the scriptures. Hadassah is scriptural and it means Esther. And so, looking at what the story of Esther was like in the bible, she became the most preferred of the king, even after the king saw all the beautiful maidens in the land. And then, Esther was not even a citizen of the particular place. But then, the king saw her, liked her, and then he decided to marry her. So, Esther didn't just got prefered by the king because she was beautiful, but the only thing we saw was that Esther was prefered, she found favour and that is why you have Hadassah Make-up Professional, meaning Esther, and our slogan is 'More than just beautiful', meaning that Esther found more than just beautiful in the sight of the king.

How long have you been in the make-up industry, what is the experience like? 

Professionally, ten years and unprofessionally, about thirteen years. All businesses have their ups and downs; times when it's low and times when its high. But beyond it all, we are finding our ground. God has been faithful, he has been good and more so, when you do what you like to do despite the challenges you come across, you eventually overcome them.

So, what do you intend to achieve with Hadassah Make-up Professional as a brand? 

What we are presently doing is that we are launching our make-up line, meaning that we want to bring beauty close to every woman. We see every woman as a queen that they truely are. Esther was a queen and so we assume that every woman should be seen as a queen. We intend to bring queenship close to everybody. Once you use our product, you want to feel that you are a queen that you are. We intend to have lots of outlets, and we intend to have lots of stores opening where you can shop our product. Where ever you find yourself, you can quickly take a walk and say I need to get Hadassah make-up product because it is close to me. So, we intend to touch every part of Nigeria including the diaspora. People can also get to shop our products online. 

What is the unique thing that you are bring into the make-up industry in Nigeria?

Our aim is to make sure that despite the fact that the business is competitive, once we touch your face, there must be a difference.

Would you say that the make-up industry has impacted on the economy of Nigeria?

Yes, and it is still impacting. We are launching our make-up line. We have wholesale options, we have retail options, and we have options whereby young ones can be a part of and make more money while in school. We have options where you can give job opportunities to people. It is rear to have a family now without a make-up artist. So, it is a kind of business that is so hopeful and people are taking their time to totally embrace it. So, it is solving problems, it is feeding houses, and it is taking care of people's needs. It is also accomplishing dreams and visions. 

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